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December 26, 2007

I am Patrick James… Thank you for visiting my new blog! It is a pleasure to get your visit.

For some time now I have been the writer for the ISM Blog (Irish School of Motoring’s Blog). In keeping with my huge interest in cars the ISM Blog covers everything car and driving related, but my passions don’t just end there! Thing is… for a while now, people have been telling me I should also have my own personal blog. My background has always been in writing and literature, having had three poetry books published and I have missed that a little bit lately… talking about writing!

But… I hope the Patrick James Blog will be a bit more that just limited to one topic. The things I’m mad about include technology, gadgets, sci-fi and I love films and cinema also, so maybe I’ll get a chance to talk about all that also… I know the Blog may get a bit eclectic but I hope I will get to demonstrate the common thread between the things I’m passionate about! Hopefully, it will make for an enjoyable and honest blog for writers and petrol-heads alike and for anyone who knows what it means to feel passionate about something… whether it is a film scripts or the latest gadgets… I think you get the point! So, I only hope you will visit me again and see what I have been up to with my new blog!

Thank you,

Patrick James.

Money Than Sense… 15 Most Expensive Cars.

November 29, 2007


Some people, seem to have more money than sense, but if cash were no object how much would you spend, to own one of these rare cars? autounleashed have posted a listing of the 15 most expensive cars sold in 2007:

2007 Top 15 Most Expensive Cars

$9.3 million – 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM

$5.7 million – 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM

$5.5 million – 1966 Shelby Cobra

$4,950,000 – 1959 Ferrari 250 GT

$4,510,000 – 1931 Bentley 4_-Liter

$4,455,000 – 1959 Ferrari 250 GT

$4,400,000 – 1935 Duesenberg SJ

$3,740,000 – 1933 Delage D8S

$3,564,000 – 1970 Ferrari 512S

$3,520,000 – 1884 DeDion, Bouton et Trepardoux

$3,267,000 – 1966 Ferrari 206 SP Dino

$3,118,500 – 1953 Ferrari 340 MM

$2,970,000 – 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Double Pullman

$2,821,500 – 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione

$2,819,000 – 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Corto

posted by Patrick James.

Anti Drink Driving….

November 28, 2007

drinking.jpgIn line with the launch of the RSA’s Anti Drink Driving campaign on Thursday 29th November, I would like to issue my own personal appeal to people this Christmas, even though it has all been said before… Please be cool about leaving the car at home and do enjoy the festivities. Make the decision not to drink and drive while you still can, when you can ensure a difference… Let’s be honest, it is easy to overestimate one’s own abilities, when you’ve had a beer or two. No one sets out to drink drive and if the car keys are in your pocket, who knows what you can end up thinking with a few drinks… and it’s not far from there to becoming a drink driving statistic! So please be safe and enjoy the few beers without having to worry about the danger creeping up on you!

I’ve also added a link to a very cool website where you’ll find some very interesting information on safely enjoying a drink.

by Patrick James.

Christmas & New Year Anti Drink Driving Campaign 2007

November 28, 2007

Every year the RSA (Road Safety Authority) launches its Anti Drink Driving Campaign for the festive season… the importance of which can never be understated. This Thursday, the 29th of November will mark this year’s endeavour to reduce the number of drink driving incidents.

Christmas & New Year Anti Drink Driving Campaign 2007

This year’s awareness campaign is in association with (MEAS) and is designed to highlight the dangers of drink driving the ‘morning after’.


The 2007 Christmas & New Year Anti Drink Driving campaign will be officially launched by the Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey. Mr. Gay Byrne, Chairman, RSA, the new Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy and Ms. Fionnuala Sheehan, CEO of MEAS will also speak at the launch.


Two new radio advertisements will be officially aired at the launch to highlight the key message of the campaign ‘Never Ever Drink and Drive’.


In attendance:

Minister for Transport, Mr. Noel Dempsey

Mr. Gay Byrne, Chairman of the RSA

Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy

Mr. Noel Brett, CEO RSA

Ms. Fionnuala Sheehan, CEO MEAS


Launch: 11am Thursday 29 th November 2007

Venue: Winter Hall, Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street.


For further information contact: Gerard Kenny – 087 2488393


posted by Patrick James.

What She Wants… Women Choose Maserati!

November 28, 2007


So what would you choose? According to an interesting post on 4driversonly more women prefer Maserati:

It seems that until The Cat gets back up on all fours, well-healed women are buying Maseratis. This is because, to quote one Robert Farago, Maserati is the only company making Jaguars these days.

Stylish, sexy, and seemingly more exclusive than similarly priced offerings from German rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz, more and more women drivers are looking to the Trident marque than ever before.


posted by Patrick James

Black Is The New Dangerous.

November 27, 2007

Monash University Accident Research Centre, according to a fascinating post by WARDSAUTO.COM, have discovered:

Silver vehicles have a 10% higher risk of crashing than white cars, the safest on the road in terms of color, the report reveals.

R count = \\\\\\\’square300\\\\\\\’ + ++squarecount300; //300×250 var a = Math.random(); var zzzzadslotzzzz= a * 100000; document.write(\\\\\\\’\\\\\\\’); Black vehicles are the most likely to be involved in an accident, with a 12% higher crash risk than white cars.

But Researcher Stuart Newstead points to recent statistics that show silver makes up about one-third of all new-vehicles sold in Australia, while white comprises 20% and black, 10%.

Fashion, resale value and prestige are some of the factors driving silver’s popularity, the study says.

“It concerns me greatly that silver has now surpassed white as the most popular choice for new vehicles,” Newstead says. “The safest car color has now been replaced by one of the least safe.


posted by Patrick James

New Taxi And Hackney Standards

November 27, 2007

taxi.jpgRTÉ News are reporting on new taxi guidelines:

The Taxi Regulator has published new vehicle standard guidelines, which she says will improve the standard of the Small Public Service fleet.

Kathleen Doyle says the primary aim of the new guidelines is to improve the standard but also comfort and safety for drivers and passengers.

Under the guidelines new taxis and hackneys cannot be more than nine years old.

Small cars not capable of seating four adults are no longer permitted.

However drivers have until January 2010 to comply with the new guidelines.

A range of guidelines for wheelchair accessible vehicles has also been published, but these do not have to be adhered to until 2012.


posted by Patrick James

Wooden It Be Nice!

November 26, 2007


Last week we showed you photos of a Mazda made from clay… we’ve also had pictures of Cardboard Astons. This week I have discovered a handcrafted wooden car on Carscoop and can only imagine the dedication this work of art took!

Vasily Lazarenko from Chernovtsy, Ukraine, decide to craft half the body of his hand built vehicle with a retro look and the other half with a more modern styling. The Ukrainian woody car is built on a chassis and engine from a 1981 Opel model with a 100 HP engine. Although the car isn’t registered (wonder why…), Lazarenko admits that he has taken the car out for the occasional spin. All I have to say is that I’m never touching a bottle of Vodka for the rest of my life….

Read More:

by Patrick James

LED Nights… Lighting The Way

November 26, 2007

solarlite-road-stud2a.jpgLED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has made huge leaps forward, in recent years. Autoblog are reporting on the latest development in LED:

Night-time travel is a necessary part of the busy world in which we live, but due to decreased visibility, traveling in the dark can be dangerous. The British have shed some light on night driving with the invention of the Astucia SolarLite flush road stud. The stud emits LED light, which is powered by small solar panels. The new stud tech is present on 120 British roads, and night-time accidents are down a dramatic 70% since the devices were installed. Amazingly, the SolarLite road stud gives drivers 900 meters of visibility, which increases reaction times to over 30 seconds. Reaction time with standard reflector studs is just 3.2 seconds.


by Patrick James.


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